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MobileServe and Janeen McGreal

Janeen McGreal has partnered with MobileServe to give the amazing volunteers she knows—and new volunteers—a way to track their service hours and add them to their credentials on LinkedIn or their resume.

You are invited to join an elite group of people who have committed their time, energy and resources to others. Janeen invites you through her new partner, to register your profile with Do Unto Others Life-Long Volunteers. The links to register for people under 40 years old and over 40 years old, are below.

Do Unto Others Life-Long Volunteers

It is free to participate as Janeen has sponsored the MobileServe account and will cover the costs for the first year of participation. She knows how amazing you are and if you participate, others can too. The program has a couple of great features including ways to add to social media  and it compiles a printable service resume which you can share with your employer or prospective employer. Let's discuss the best ways to create, edit and use your Service Resume and social media features. You can add pictures documenting your service hours and geotag the  location too.

The name Do Unto Others LLV (DUO for short) was chosen by Janeen McGreal in deference to The Golden Rule that influences so many current and future life-long volunteers. It is a reminder that we should breathe a bit easier knowing that so many people are doing their parts to help others. Janeen is driven by her commitment to encourage and inspire people to make a difference one service hour at a time.


Janeen is focusing on two types of volunteers, divided by over-40 and under-40 age groups. Doing this allows each group to motivate and inspire the other, while generating results that can be shared across the entire community. Volunteers—life-long and aspiring life-long volunteers—are encouraged to register so they can accomplish the following:

  • Track service hours and review a summary of all volunteer information for numerous charity activities, all through the amazing MobileServe smartphone application!
  • Create a service resumé that documents a lifetime of service.
  • Become a part of a community of life-long volunteers, organize your legacy of service by easily adding pictures and posts via social media.
  • Gain a sense of community and connectivity with people that share similar values and volunteer goals.


A MobileServe registration allows users to create a profile, find friends and other likeminded volunteers, and track service hours conveniently on one's mobile phone. An ongoing service resumé is available for review and printing. While these functions have historical value to one's career as a volunteer, it may also serve as motivation for continued volunteerism.


Once registered*, Janeen will add you as a friend on the MobileServe platform so your service record can be shared with her, and Janeen, you, and others in her network can motivate and inspire each other's volunteering efforts. Moving forward, as you continue tracking your volunteerism with MobileServe, Janeen encourages you to invite others to join DUO through MobileServe.

Click HERE if you are under 40 Years Old
Click HERE if you are over 40 Years Old

*Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

Contact Janeen to discuss how you or your organization can embark on volunteering.

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